Agreements for Classes and Jams

By signing in to participate in any class/jam, we agree to practice:

Contact Improvisation!  

Buffalo Contact Improv Class and Jam is a time and place set aside to dance. Other activities that support dance such as witnessing, yoga, drawing, journaling, etc. are welcome. Conversations, use of electronic devices, or interactions not focused on dance should not take place in the studio.

Speaking up:

Buffalo CI teachers are committed to creating a space where people feel free and safe to experience dance and develop as dancers. If someone’s behavior during the class/jam makes you uncomfortable, you are encouraged to speak directly to them and refer them to the posted agreements. Please speak to teachers during the jam to ask for advice about asserting your boundaries, dancing at your comfort level, etc.

Dressing Appropriately:

We advise wearing longish pants and a long or short-sleeved t-shirt made of cotton or other not slippery fabric. We expect participants to maintain basic hygiene including limiting pet dander on clothing and avoid:

  • Strong perfumes or oils that might cause allergic reactions.

  • Watches, buttons, zippers, etc. that might scratch or hit another participant.

  • Long flowing clothes that might wrap around you or others.  

Consensual Touch:

  • Contact Improv requires touch. The main forms of touch in CI are a rolling point of contact; using touch to follow momentum; sliding; and weight-sharing. We focus on these types of touch to maintain a dance-focused space.

  • Body work, such as massage, assisted stretching, and manual adjustments, may occur in the context of a jam.  We agree to ask for and obtain verbal permission before engaging in this type of touch.

  • We agree to give verbal feedback if a dance partner does something that makes us uncomfortable and/or violates the guidelines. If we do not feel able to do so, we agree to speak to the instructor.  

  • We are encouraged to speak to the teacher or greeter about any boundary or safety concerns.

Maximizing Freedom and Safety:

  • We will take responsibility for our own safety and experiences, understanding that Contact Improvisation is an unpredictable environment.

  • We will take responsibility for following recommended precautions and actions to protect the safety of others.

  • We will focus on principles of following momentum and not “muscle” or force a dancer into a lift.

  • We will not grab or lock other dancers into positions that compromise their safety.

  • We will not pressure anyone into dancing with us, for example through repeated asking or demanding an explanation for refusal of a dance.

  • We will let others disengage or end a dance when they want to; we will disengage or end a dance when we want to.

  • We will let go of expectations for future dances.

  • We will stop immediately when a dance partner asks us to stop.

The Straight-Up No List:

  • No use of intoxicants directly prior to or during the jam or arriving under the influence of intoxicants.

  • No using the jam to find a date or sexual partner. Do not ask someone out on a date while at the jam; do not proposition anyone you have met at the jam.

  • No intentional touching or grabbing of another dancer’s breasts or genitals during a dance or while attending the Buffalo CI Saturday Class or Jam.

  • No verbal and/or physical aggression.

Buffalo CI Teachers reserve the right to ask anyone engaged in prohibited behaviors to leave the premises without a refund of fees and to refuse future attendance if behaviors warrant.