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Indefinite Pause due to COVID-19

March 2020–?

Due to the global pandemic, we have paused our classes and jams until we can be relatively sure that our health is not at risk by gathering to dance. We look forward to getting through these challenging times to dance and move together again.

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ORCJ 2020

April 4-6, 2020

Probably the largest contact improv event in North America, the Ontario Regional Contact Jam will once again be held at the National Ballet School in Toronto, Ontario. 3 wonderful days of classes, workshops and open jams.

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Mission Improvable 2020


For the 8th consecutive year, this 4-day contact improv intensive workshop is being hosted in Buffalo thanks to Nancy Hughes and Center Dance. New York City-based artist Paul Singh will be the guest teacher. CLICK HERE for more information.

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Contact is Returning

Sept. 7, 2019

After more than a one-year hiatus, regular Contact Improv classes and jams are returning to Buffalo. Join us!

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Ontario Regional Contact Jam 2019

April 19-21, 2019

We believe this is the largest contact improvisation jam in all of North America! Over 250 of your bestest dancing friends! Beginners and newcomers and all levels of dance experience welcome.

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Mission Improvable: Mindful Touch

March 20-24, 2019

This is Mission Improvable's 7th year! Do you remember the first Mission Improvable you attended? Will Mindful Touch be your first Mission Improvable?